Preliminary Event Schedule

march 4 / march 5 / March 6 / march 7 / Posters

Poster Presentations


Enhancing the Performance of Lubricants through Synergistic Antioxidant Mixtures and Base Oil Selection

Jun Dong
Global Technical Manager, Fuel and Lube Additives
SONGWON International Group

An Award-Winning Lubricant Solution to the Siloxane Problem in Landfill Gas Applications
Edward Ng
Commercial Manager, Engine Oils, Asia
Lubrizol Southeast Asia (Pte) Ltd

Data- Supporting Product Line Management
Magda Williams
Product Manager for Data Analytics

New Product Development in the Face of a Changing World
Monica Ford

Posters will be displayed in the high-traffic area of The Gallery Lounge from 6-7 March 2019. Poster presentation submissions are still being accepted until 15 February 2019.