Preliminary Event Schedule

march 4 / march 5 / March 6 / march 7/ Posters

March 6, 2019



7:40-8:40 am
Registration and Welcome Break

8:40-8:50 am
Welcoming Remarks, Vicky Villena-Denton

8:50-9:00 am
Introduction, Dairene Uy, Session Chairman

9:00-9:25 am
Future Energy Mix
Richard Jory
Vice President, Lubricants Supply Chain, Shell International

9:25-9:50 am
Future Vehicle and Powertrain Outlook
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Pungs
Managing Director, FEV (Thailand) Co., Ltd

9:50-10:15 am
Networking Tea Break

10:15-10:40 am
Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) for ZERO emissions
Shuji Kimura
Expert Leader, Powertrain and EV Engineering, Nissan Motor Co.

10:40-11:05 am
On-Highway vs Off-Road Engine Applications and Lube Requirements
Kenneth K. Chao
Sr. Staff Engineer - Lubricants, John Deere Product Engineering Center

11:05-11:30 am
Taking Stock of LSPI
Dr. Andre Swarts
Principal Engineer, SwRI

11:30-11:55 am
Novel Fuel and Lubricant Components for a Sustainable Future
Markus Scherer
Director Global Marketing and Product Development – Base Stocks and Metalworking Fluids, BASF SE

11:55-12:20 pm
Panel Discussion

12:20-1:50 pm
Networking Lunch


Global Regulations: Impact on Lubricant and Additive Technology

1:50-2:00 pm
Introduction, Patrick Brutto, Session Chairman

2:00-2:25 pm
Practical Experience and Issues Associated with Chemical Registration of Formulated Products in Asia-Pacific Countries
Daniel E. Sullivan
Manager, Global Product Stewardship, Houghton International

2:25-2:50 pm
Impact of ASEAN Chemical Regulation for Metalworking Fluids
Yoshihisa Hayakawa
General Manager, ASEAN Technical Center, Yushiro (Thailand) Co., Ltd

2:50-3:15 pm
Emerging Trends in Metalworking Fluids

3:15-3:40 pm
Networking Tea Break

3:40-4:05 pm
China VI and India BS VI Implementation, Impact and Challenges
Raj Padmanabhan
Asia Pacific Regional Product Line Manager for Automotive Engine Oils & Viscosity Index Improvers, Chevron Oronite Pte Ltd

4:05-4:30 pm
The Significant Challenges for China Lubricant Market in CN 6 Era
Junmin Zhao
Business Manager, Lubrizol China

4:30-4:55 pm
Ecolabel 2018 and VGP2018 - Changes and Challenges
Paula Vettel
Technical Director Formulations and Regulatory, Novvi LLC

4:55-5:20 pm
Panel Discussion


New Products & Technologies

1:50-2:00 pm
Introduction, Session Chairman

2:00-2:25 pm
Shifting Perspectives: Formulating for the Performance and Longevity of Metalworking Fluids
Jimmy Zou
ANGUS Chemical Company

2:25-2:50 pm
Coal-to-Liquid (CTL) Base Oil
David Du Dachang
Jiyang Petrochem Group Co., Ltd

2:50-3:15 pm
milEx and mph Performance Fuel Additives
Aileen Valera
Dorf Ketal

3:15-3:30 pm
Networking Tea Break



3:30-3:40 pm
Introduction, K.K. Gandhi, Session Chairman

3:40-4:05 pm
E-Mobility Policy & Strategy for ADB Developing Member Countries
Ki-Joon Kim
Principal Transport Specialist, Transport Sector Group, ADB

4:05-4:30 pm
Electric Vehicle Outlook and Impact on Lubricants/Additives
Teri Crosby
Product Line Manager for Automotive Engine Oils, Chevron Oronite

4:30-4:55 pm

4:55-5:20 pm
Panel Discussion

6:30-7:00 pm
Networking Cocktail

7:00-9:00 pm
F&L Asia Awards Dinner